What Is Assertiveness And How Can It Help You?

So what is Assertiveness?

In a nutshell, assertiveness is having the courage to be true to yourself and being able to express your feelings in an honest and direct way whilst respecting yourself and others.

Assertiveness is such a valuable skill for everyone and can be easily mastered with time and practice.

Here are the advantages of being Assertive:
  • You’ll have the strength and confidence to be YOURSELF.
  • You’ll be able to communicate in a clear, direct and honest way while considering the feelings of others.
  • You’ll be able to ask for what you want and need with ease.
  • You’ll be able to say NO without feeling guilty.
  • You’ll be able to stand up for yourself while respecting yourself and the rights of others.

I know I’ve often struggled with assertiveness which prompted me to learn and develop my own skills. I must say by learning these skills it has made a huge difference to me and my life.

Learning to be assertive will definitely increase your self-confidence, boost your self-esteem and earn you respect. This will have a knock on effect of helping you to feel less stressed resulting in a lower risk of anxiety and depression too.


So as you can see, assertiveness is an important means of self-care and a wonderful way of looking after yourself and others. Learning this skill can both improve your personal and professional relationships and attract a happier and healthier way of life.

How are your assertiveness skills?

 June x

3 thoughts on “What Is Assertiveness And How Can It Help You?

    1. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad my post was helpful. I agree that being assertive isn’t easy at first, but it does get easier with practice. I’ll be sharing some helpful tips on how to be more assertive in the coming weeks. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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