A Super Quick Confidence Tip: What To Do When You’re Feeling Self-Conscious


Today I’m talking about what to do when you’re feeling self-conscious. 

We all feel self-conscious sometimes …

Maybe you are easily embarrassed, feel as though everyone is looking at you and judging you OR maybe you want to hide away whenever you need to speak up because you’re worried of looking silly. I know I feel all of these things at times.

Well, this is perfectly normal and it’s okay to feel this way …

… BUT if you find you’re feeling self-conscious more often than not and it’s stopping you from enjoying your life, you need a little help to give your confidence a boost.

So, here’s a quick tip (or tips) to help you feel less self-conscious 

  • Wear something that you feel comfortable in and makes you feel good, like a favourite top or shirt. My dad used to always say “get your glad rags on” before going out.
  • Remember to centre yourself and breathe. When we feel nervous and uncomfortable we forget to breathe properly. It doesn’t take long to take a deep breath and exhale before you enter a room or speak. This will immediately slow down your heart rate and help you to feel calm.
  • Stand tall and look straight ahead rather than at the floor. This will make you feel and look confident.
  • Finally, remember to smile! Everyone looks good when they smile.

If you follow these quick tips, you will look uber-confident even if you ARE feeling a little self-conscious.

Here’s a quick recap:

Get your glad rags on, breathe, stand tall, look ahead and smile!

Together let’s shine, feel confident and FABULOUS.

… And here’s a quick reminder of my last confidence tip: A Super Quick Confidence Tip: How To Create Your Own Mantra

Until next time.

                      June x

6 Helpful Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence


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