A Super Quick Confidence Tip: Celebrate Your Achievements.


Here’s another super quick tip to build your confidence. This week it’s all about celebrating YOUR achievements. When we’re lacking in confidence we tend to focus on our weaknesses and bombard ourselves with negative self-talk such as “I’m no good” “I’m hopeless at ………” (fill in the blank). I know I do.

Well, I just want to say ….

The more we say these things and focus on what we can’t do, the more we believe it’s true and the less confident we feel in our abilities.

Remember to look for the positive and celebrate your achievements …

We often forget about our strengths and skills and lose track of what we have actually achieved over the years.

I was reminded recently of a charity drive I did with a good friend nearly 20 years ago (I can’t believe it’s that long ago)!  We raised money for North of England Children’s Cancer Research by driving 493 miles from the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Lands End, Cornwall and back again. The challenge was to do it in 36 hours (including an overnight stay), setting off at 8.00 AM on the Saturday morning and arriving back by 8.00 PM Sunday evening.


We had so much fun doing it and had a great sense of achievement when we made it back on time.

It is so important to remember your successes.

So to jog your memory, here’s a little exercise …

Make a list of at least 10 things you have achieved over the years. It could be something simple like making a decent cup of coffee or tea or it could be baking a cake, passing your driving test, getting a job or running a marathon. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, write it down and celebrate!

I’ve created a printable to help get you started with your list. Download your FREE achievements-printable here.

This simple exercise is very powerful in helping you to realise your strengths and boost your confidence.

How many amazing things have you achieved?

Until next time.

             June x

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