Essential Oils

How to get Essential Oils into your home!


Are you ready to get started with Essential Oils but not sure how? I’ll help guide you through the process.

You can buy these wonderful oils at full retail price HERE.

However the smartest and recommended way to purchase your oils is with a Wholesale Membership Account.

For a low membership fee of £20/$35 you’ll be able to purchase at wholesale prices 25% below retail prices for a whole year.

You’ll also have the option of starting with an Enrollment Kit which waives the joining fee AND gives you huge savings on oils too!

There are a few more benefits to becoming a wholesale member too:

🔹 No minimum orders required (which is great for those only wanting oils for their own use).

🔹 You don’t need to order every month.

🔹 No obligation to buy or sell products.

🔹 The opportunity to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program.

🔹 Eligibility to receive FREE product of the month.

🔹 The ability to earn income when you share with family and friends.

🔹 Optional £15/$25 yearly renewal fee which comes with a FREE bottle of Peppermint Oil

……… and finally, you will get continued support from your enroller, which is me!

Here’s a look at wholesale membership versus retail customer at a glance:

🔶 So, here’s how to order your oils step-by-step …


🔹 Choose which language you wish to use and the country you live in and press CONTINUE.

🔹Select WELLNESS ADVOCATE and press CONTINUE. (The Wellness Advocate is the best deal for everyone whether you just want to buy the products or if you want to share with others and build a business).

🔹 Fill out your personal information.

🔹 In the enrolled ID column, put in: 4905909 if not already there.

My name will come up.

Now for the exciting part! Select the products you want to purchase.

You’ll receive massive savings if you decide to purchase an Enrollment Kit and there’s plenty of great kits on offer to suit your budget needs, such as the Family Wellness Kit and the Home Essentials Kit. (Save £££s and get FREE membership too)!

Otherwise simply pay the £20/$35 enrollment fee and buy single bottles of oils at 25% off.

* I started with a Home Essentials Kit (with petal diffuser + the 10 most popular oils) and I can highly recommend it. I love mine and use it every day!

Once you have submitted your application, doTERRA will send you a welcome email with your distributor ID ….. and you’re done!

You will receive your oils straight to your door directly from doTERRA.

Any Questions?

I hope the instructions are clear and helpful, but if you have any questions please contact me and I’ll be very happy to help you.

You can contact me HERE.

❤️ Welcome to the wonderful world of Essential Oils ❤️

*** From 1st December 2017, new enrollees from the UK enrolling with a kit totalling £200 and above (including VAT + postage), will need to join as a Wholesale Customer first, then change to Wellness Advocate after 7 days.***

Don’t worry, this is super easy to do! 

Please contact me here if you require further clarification.


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