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Happy Birthday Luka!

Luka is nine today and he appears to have a new lease of life. Luka has a touch of arthritis and has suffered with stiff joints for a long time, meaning very slow walks ... but since we’ve been diffusing essential oils we have noticed a significant improvement in his health. He is bouncing around like… Continue reading Happy Birthday Luka!

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Essential Oils for Feelings of Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed? As we go about our day we go through an array of emotions and can often end up feeling overwhelmed, especially in today’s fast-paced society. My essential oils are the first thing I turn to when it all gets too much and they're such a welcome tool to have on hand… Continue reading Essential Oils for Feelings of Overwhelm

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The Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

Ahh Peppermint, I love the smell and my Peppermint essential oil has become a firm favourite of mine. Peppermint oil has so many therapeutic benefits and can support our health in so many ways: Peppermint helps to alleviate indigestion and feelings of nausea. Promotes a healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. Helps to elevate the… Continue reading The Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

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Essential Oils and How to Use Them Safely

I first bought essential oils from a health food store many years ago purely for the nice smell! I didn’t appreciate the physical and emotional health benefits they offered at the time and didn’t use them for long. Then last year a friend introduced me to doTERRA after having a positive experience with their oils.… Continue reading Essential Oils and How to Use Them Safely